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Kristen Dunst blames Jake Gyllenhaal!

Posted on: February 19, 2008


Remember how Kirsten Dunst checked herself int rehab a couple of weeks ago after following a couple of days of hard partying at the Sundance Film Festival?  Well friends close to the actress are claiming that her troubles are due to ex-boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal!

Multiple sources told Us that regret over the breakup led her to party more – and use cocaine and alcohol.

“Whenever the cast and crew were out, she was the center of the group – doing shots and encouraging everyone to drink,” a source on her upcoming movie How to Lose Friends & Alienate People told Us. “There was no such thing as ‘just the one’ for her.” (Source)

This could be true, but I hope that Kirsten just gets her act together and out of rehab as soon as she’s healthy.  It’s not a place where many people long to be …. if anyone!

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