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Jenna Jameson unveils her PETA ad campaign

Posted on: March 11, 2008

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jenna_jameson_peta_fashion_4_big.jpgJenna Jameson is starting to look better these days.  Ever since quitting the porn industry, Jenna has been getting more sleep, doing less drugs, and not as many pictures are popping up of her partying until crazy late hours in the morning at smoke-filled clubs.

Here is Jenna unveiling her PETA ad campaign. What do you think of Jenna’s new look?  Click on the photos below to see more.

jenna_jameson_peta_fashion_3_big.jpg jenna_jameson_peta_fashion_6_big.jpgjenna_jameson_peta_fashion_7_big.jpgjenna_jameson_peta_fashion_9_big.jpg

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