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Jojo on Britney

Posted on: March 19, 2008


“Leave, Get Out” singer Jojo is one of the many other celebrities to freely give their opinion of Britney Spears.  It was rumored that Jojo’s career was started by the train wreck, but Jojo claims it’s not true!

No, when I was 8 I received tickets to go to a free concert. A woman recognized me from the day before on TV and asked me backstage. So I sang in front of everyone backstage. Britney’s bodyguard saw this and said, ’sing for Britney’.

Which I did. She told her assistant to give me her card. It had Larry Rudolph’s name on it, her old manager. Supposedly Britney was starting her own company and wanted me to be her first new artist. Let’s just say I’m not a fan of Britney.

Wait, free concert?  Britney gave a free concert?  Since when?!

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