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Hayden Panettiere gets into character

Posted on: March 28, 2008


 Hayden Panettiere took a break from filming and got in some fresh air with her cute pup.  Just like other performing stars, Hayden has an alter ego she turns on when in front of the cameras. 

 When the cameron comes on, I am not Hayden anymore, I am Lizzie!

I’m not sure why I find that incredibly funny, but I just do.  Whenever someone says Lizzie, I automatically think of a young Hilary Duff staring in the show that made her famous, Disney’s Lizzie McGuire. AH!  FLASHBACK.

 1206733860_hayden-panettiere-2.jpg 1206733860_hayden-panettiere-3.jpg

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that is a cutee outfit and i love you

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