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Kate Moss sees her offspring for the 3rd time since birth

Posted on: April 2, 2008

kate-moss-lila-malibu-428-4.jpgKate Moss pulls the Mom card and spends some time with daughter Lila Grace and her two other little ones while stateside in Malibu. It seems like Kate rarely spends time with her children, and when she does she always looks like she resents it and wishes she were back home doing drugs or drinking heavily. It’s such a sad story and such a sad environment for a child to grow up in!

 Just last week Kate got engaged to boyfriend Jamie Hince, but has reportedly left London because of a rift between Kate and one of Jamie’s bandmates.

“Kills singer Alison Mosshart has accused Kate of getting in the way of the band’s touring by shacking up with guitarist Jamie Hince. So Moss has headed for the States for a few days quality time with her daughter Lila Grace.”

Sounds more like a cat fight to be over Jamie. But have you seen the guy? He isn’t much to look at. Check out more pictures of Kate in Malibu with the kids below by clicking on the thumbnails to enlarge.

kate-moss-lila-malibu-428-1.jpg kate-moss-lila-malibu-428-6.jpg kate-moss-lila-malibu-428-7.jpg


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