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Amy Winehouse denied visit again

Posted on: April 5, 2008

Amy Winehouse doesn’t seem upset after being turned away from visiting her husband Blake in jail on Friday afternoon.  This is the second time the singer has been turned away and I’m beginning to wonder if Amy really does want to see Blake or not.  I would make sure to be on time to every visit!

Amy has been working on a high profile project with Mark Ronson lately. The two are composing and writing the theme song for the next James Bond movie!  

“Ronson arrived at Winehouse’s London home on Thursday to take her recording equipment to his country retreat — where the pair will put together the biggest song of their careers. It will feature in 22nd Bond movie Quantum Of Solace, which is out in October.”


“Amy and Mark are really excited. They see this as the biggest thing they have ever done.

This smells like a good comeback for Amy! I wonder if it will have the same feel as her own album or if it’s going to stick to the same genre as all the other Bond movies.



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