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Jessica Simpson as Marilyn Monroe

Posted on: April 10, 2008

Jessica Simpson tries her best to recreate the Marilyn Monroe cover of Esquire Magazine, which debuts this May 2008.  I wish Hollywood would stop trying to recreate all of Marilyn Monroe’s photo shoots because they are messing them up royally!  They a good thing be.  

What do you think of Jess’s imitation?  Is it as good as the real thing?


4 Responses to "Jessica Simpson as Marilyn Monroe"

She is so gross. I live in Dallas and we all hate her here, Romo can do so much better. Being a bimbo does *not* make you hot. She just needs to go back to her zit cream and drop off the face of the earth.

her cover looks waayyy better than lindsay’s, you gotta admit that. but what on earth makes these people think they could compare to someone like marilyn?

Lindsey looks a lot more like Marilyn that Jess.
Jessica’s face shape is nothing like Marilyn…

seriously…i hate this bitch! if you know that your biggest rival Lindsay did it already, are you really still doing it so she could laugh at you or you just need money cuz you’re MIA recently?? she’s a dumb blonde bitch

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