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Rebecca Romijn leaves “Ugly Betty”

Posted on: April 27, 2008

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Rebecca Romijn will be leaving the set of Ugly Betty due to conflicts with the writers. After the writer’s strike, new writers were hired, and they haven’t done good enough a job with Rebecca’s character to keep her coming back on a regular basis.

“They made a tremendous amount of changes, especially with the writing staff (during the writer’s strike). And while I know I’ll be coming back next season, with all the changes, I’m not sure they can take care of my character they way they have been. So I’ll be leaving, back in a recurring capacity, but time for me to leave and find something else.”

At least she’ll have time to find something else to pursue, but it sounds like she was kind of upset about the outcome. That would be SUCH a bummer to have a secure role and then loose it months later.

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