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Brooke Hogan vacations with New Boyfriend

Posted on: April 29, 2008

Brooke Hogan spent some time soaking in the sun by the pool with her new beau, a musician named Jonathan.  Brook appeared to be very attentive and into Jonathan, but didn’t receive the favor from him.  I wonder how they met, and does Brooke know that he could never handle her unless he gained some weight?  The guy is a stick!

3 Responses to "Brooke Hogan vacations with New Boyfriend"

Cmon Brooke!! Youre beautiful, why the hell would you be with a freak like him!!

Brooke Hogan DESERVES a man better than that man. I wish that I can Be with her and marry her and I swear I’ll love her more than any one and no one will take her from me but only my death. I hope I’ll be able to marry her and have a son like Hulk (her father) and a daugter like her mom (Linda). ooooh thats life. If any body can give her these words I’d be thankfull to him/her.and here is my e-mail:M.a9lan@hotmail.com or

I LOVE U Brooke, My life and hope my wife
take care

I wish Brooke will be my wife
I love her very much
Broooooooooke I love yoooooooou

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