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Whitney Port Stays Personal

Posted on: May 26, 2008

Whitney Port, the sane character on MTV’s The Hills, was spotted out shopping in the SoHo shopping district in New York City, New York. The MTV darling recently dished on the new season and the room mate relationship between Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge.

“Living with girls can be really difficult and it’s inevitable that you aren’t always going to get along,”

You can say that again! But there is probably not much to be worried about since MTV seems to magnify their problems out of proportion anyways.

“I think that’s what they’re going through but it gets magnified times a million on television,” she added. “I think they’re just having normal roommate drama and it’ll all mend itself.

I think I would get tired of being misrepresented all the time! I would want people to see the real me and not some fake personality that MTV has cooked up for me.

I’m always amazed how Whitney manages to keep her personal life personal while starring on a reality show. She reveals how she handles the pressure.

Calling it a “complete conscious decision,” she reveals that she “went into it thinking I wanted to be completely career-oriented. Having cameras around you on a date or with your family is just so uncomfortable.”

Even her family thinks this whole MTV reality television show is kind of out of this world.

“They think it’s crazy,” she says. “I have two younger sister and an older sister and brother and they watch it and just think it’s weird and surreal. But, you know, they laugh about it.”

I guess it would be kind of strange to watch your sister/daughter on an MTV reality show and then see her picture pop up all over the internet with news articles featuring her, and tabloids with her picture inside!

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