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Linda Hogan’s New Boyfriend

Posted on: June 1, 2008

Linda Lohan found herself a new man!  After splitting up with husband Terry Hogan (aka The Hulk) this past year, the two have tried to show one another up by finding look a likes to their kids.  While Terry is dating a replica of daughter Brooke, Linda opted to go with a slightly older version of their incarcerated son Nick.

The guy above is just 19.  I know he looks like he’s seen some hard sun and booze nights, but he really is 19.  I’m still rooting for a Linda – Terry reunion.  They are great for each other and have made it through so much.  They shouldn’t give up now!


8 Responses to "Linda Hogan’s New Boyfriend"

How embarrassing. She looks so old.

Listen Charley aka in fort pierce florida is known as sunshine. He is a swimmer that is why he is so tan. I have met him he lived behind me in the dorms where i have seen him drunk numerous times!!!! lol I am not supprised that he is doing this.

Linda Hogan does NOT look old. She looks GREAT! It’s fine when men have younger girlfriends, so I say GO AHEAD LINDA, and do your thing!
It is nobody’s business but yours. You deserve to be happy with whoever YOU chooose.
Best wishes,

This family needs help. The father is going out with Brook’s friend which is really sick and she is way younger then him. Linda is going out with boys younger then Brook, what are they trying to have a “Who Can Date the Youngest person contest” seriously. Brook is trying to sing which she needs to stop because when she sings my dog starts braking. Nick put a army solider in the hospital and now he’s in a coma. But Nick should be happy he is in jail so he doesn’t have to deal with all this and his family acting like fools. The Hogans keep embarrassing them selves. Over all and out of this conclusion the Hogans our a “Dis crass !!!!”

I think she’s a slut for dating a 19 yr boy ,thats disrespectful to her kids….

oh my god how very very very sad and riiculous cradle snatcher!!!!

I know Linda’s boyfriend well. He told me that. Linda’s Boyfriend used her for lover and money till out the money to leave and Good bye Linda Hogan! you will see prove when it’s will happen the future without your blind… don’t inform Linda and Boyfriend Thanks!

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