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Carlos Leon Talks Raising Daughter Lola with Madonna

Posted on: July 24, 2008

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Last week Carlos Leon was spotted leaving Madonna‘s apartment with daughter Lourdes Leon to spend some father daughter time together.  Despite the drama surrounding Madonna lately with her alleged affair with Alex Rodriguez, Leon says that things are completely normal between him and daughter “Lola” (he affectionately calls her).

“She’s at that point where she can call me and say, ‘Hey Dad, what’s up? What time are you going to get me?’” he says of his 11-year-old. “It’s really cool. We talk every day.” (

But what does he think of all the drama with Madonna right now?  As far as he’s concerned there’s nothing to be worried about!

“Trust me, that’s a lie. I know for a fact, she wouldn’t do that.”

When raising his daughter Carlos talks about keeping Lola grounded.  Her mom is one of the biggest celebrities since Elvis and he doesn’t want her to get any ideas in her head.

“Look at me and the way I live: I ride my bicycle, I walk, I don’t have a driver,” says Leon. “That’s how I keep her grounded. Her mom does a good job too – she’s not that person that everyone thinks. She’s very laid back and cool.”

But when it comes down to discipline, Carlos is more than willing to hand over the reigns to Madonna with that one!

“It’s hard for me to be the tough guy with my daughter, maybe I should work on the discipline stuff, but I could leave her mother to do that!”

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