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Valentina Learns to Walk

Posted on: July 26, 2008

Salma Hayek played the role of a proud mother as she held daughter Valentina learn to walk in her front lawn on Friday.  Look at cute Valentina’s face as she learns to walk!  How adorable! 🙂

As previously reported by WYB, Salma recently split up with her billionaire boyfriend and French business man Francois-Henri even though the two share a daughter (Valentina).

Earlier this year Salma told the press that she didn’t really need or want a marriage, which could of been a tip that things were going south for the then happy couple.

“I don’t have a need for marriage. You want to grow old with someone, you want to have a partner and to have children – we have all those things. Some people need the commitment. Maybe we’ll just have the party!”

At least Valentina is too young to know the pain of her father leaving yet.

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