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Heidi Montag is Overdosin’

Posted on: August 24, 2008

Heidi Montag finally decided to go from a home made music video to a real live time set and this is what she gives us.  Nightmares of 80’s workout video flashbacks!

Heidi was sporting tons of big hair (compliments of boyfriend Spencer Pratt who stopped it at one point to lend support to his lady), nylons, leg warmers, and lots of sweat bands.  The music video is going to be for her latest “single” (if you can call it that) titled “Overdosin”.

The video will be released 5pm EST August 25th (tomorrow, Monday) on Heidi’s website.


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[…] Cafe Vida in Pacific Pasilades in California on Sunday. As I said earlier, yesterday Heidi was busy filming her music video for her next song “Overdosin’” which was shot in an 80’s theme. The song […]

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