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Pamela Anderson Promotes in London

Posted on: September 18, 2008

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She’s hit the ground running with her new reality television series “Pam: Girl On The Loose” and yesterday Pamela Anderson was spotted suited up in a skin tight black dress as she made her way over to the GMTV studios in central London to do some more promotion.  Before heading inside Pam stoped to sign a few autographs for waiting fans.

Usually Pamela would be up to no good by now, but Pam told the press that she’s being kept on a short leash.  She said: “I get in loads of trouble when I am here.  I know lots of British men I could get in trouble with. I’m not allowed.  I’m only here a couple of days and I have been very good. I have a list of people I would love to call but I have been told I have to stay indoors. I have early mornings. There’s the Gestapo here (managers) and no one is letting me out.”

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