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Paris Hilton Launched Clothing Line in Milan

Posted on: September 20, 2008

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When it comes to self-promotion Paris Hilton takes the cake.  The hotel heiress was spotted at the COIN for the European launch of her clothing line in Milan, Italy.

Paris has had to fight off accusations that she doesn’t do anything for her fame and the only reason photogs began to snap pictures of her was because she tipped them off, made sure to get into trouble, and practically paid them to give her attention.  Now Paris is talking the the media saying how she “hates” when people assume she does nothing.

“I am literally running a huge corporation,” said the pampered princess.  “I have my clothing lines, my champagne, my watches, shoes and purses and dog clothes – every sort of product you can imagine.

“I am doing movies. I am doing my record right now, producing, starring in a TV show. So it is a 24 hour, seven day-a-week job. I work all the time, so I laugh when I hear people say that.”

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