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Miley Cyrus Is Totally Devoted to Hannah Montana

Posted on: September 22, 2008

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She may be 15 years old but Miley Cyrus sure does attrack the attention of older guys!  Last night Miley was spotted out with Nasvhille Star competitor Jason Gaston, 20, and Miley’s mom Leticia Cryrus outside of the Universal Studios in Los Angeles, California.

There have been rumors flying around the internet that Miley and her father Billy Rae Cyrus have been showing up late to the set of “Hannah Montana” to hopefully stir up enough trouble to get themselves out of their contracts and off the show.

Combating the rumors herself, Miley said: “I am fully committed to Hannah Montana. It’s what gave me this amazing opportunity to reach out to so many people.  I couldn’t do it alone. We have an amazing cast that is so supportive, including my dad who has been there for me every step of the way.”

Continuing on she said, “I’m really excited about our new season.  We are making great new episodes that I can’t wait for our fans to see.”

An insider to the scene said that Miley is actually regularily on time and not going anywhere anytime soon.

“Miley is really devoted to the show and she’s really upset by the gossip.  Miley is never late to work. Every minute of her day is planned out. When she’s not shooting the movie or the series, she’s recording the [Hannah Montana] soundtrack. She has a lot invested in Hannah Montana. It’s not going away any time soon.”

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