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Pete Wentz Concerned His Baby Won’t Like His Music!

Posted on: September 22, 2008

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New husband and soon to be father Pete Wentz has been very vocal about his life lately, more specifically his new life as a husband to Ashlee Simpson and his anxieties about becoming a father.

Right now Pete is working on his third studio album with her band “Fall Out Boy”.  The album is due out in November but Pete said that he is more worried that is child likes the album more so then the critics!

He said: “This is the first record we’ve made that I’ll be able to play for my baby. That’s a lot more pressure than whatever my record label thinks of it.”

Pete is married to pop star Ashlee Simpson who has released various solo albums herself.  You’d naturally think that two musicians in love and having a baby together might want to collaborate on a song or two.  But not for these love birds.  They are more interested in keeping things very separate.

We try to keep those parts of our lives very separate,” said Pete.

“We try to be sounding boards, but right now we’re both in a time of our lives where it’s important to do it alone – neither of us want to become a footnote in the other one’s career.”

“Besides, I think the last thing she’s thinking about right now is the new Fall Out Boy record!”

It’s probably good that Ashlee isn’t looking to work with Pete and his band “Fall About Boy” because that could turn out disasterous!

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