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Katie Holmes and Suri Walk the Streets of New York

Posted on: September 26, 2008

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It’s a cold rainy day in New York City but Suri Cruise seems to prefer a cozy blanket to regular jacket as she was carried around the streets of the Big Apple by her working mom Katie Holmes.  The girls were seen getting cute and cudly before Katie had to drop her off and head inside the Gerald Schoenfeld Theater to begin Broadway practices yet again.

A source told Star magazine that Suri Curise leads a “shockingly lonely life” since her father Tom Cruise is “very picky” about the children Suri hangs out with. 

“It’s really sad. You can see how much Suri longs for someone to play with,” Star’s source tells. “She does not interact well with [children her own age]. She doesn’t like to share because she doesn’t know how to – she never has anyone to share with!”

Suri usually looks sad in all the pictures of her but perhaps its just because she hates being followed by strange older men with cameras snapping her every move!

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