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Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens Arrive at LAX

Posted on: September 27, 2008

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They are one of Hollywood’s youngest and hottest couples so it’s no surprise that Vanessa Hudgens and her hunky boyfriend Zac Efron caused quite a stir as they made their way through the Los Angeles Itnernational Airport last night.

Zac and Vanessa were mobbed by fans and autograph hunters alike as they shifted through the terminal, stopping to sign a few pictures before picking up their luggage and then heading back to Vanessa’s home to drop some luggage off.

Zac recently talked to the press about how it was difficult to catch up with the cast of High School Music: 3 since he had to start three weeks late!

Click on the link to find out what Zac said….

“I started rehearsals two weeks later than everybody else so I had to put in extra time to catch up.  I had to learn the waltz and some ballroom stuff, which was interesting.”

However, Zac counts himsef as a lucky man for having a girlfriend like Vanessa who was willinging to put in some extra practice time with him (who wouldn’t?!) and work with him through the difficul steps.

“I do not know why people ever did it. It is so unbelievably hard. I thought ‘Was this really classed as fun?’ It was so difficult to learn. When I got the hang of it and got it down it was OK.  Luckily with Vanessa, she is so easy to dance with. She kind of leads me! She made it a lot easier but we practiced a lot.”

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