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Kim Kardashian Shopping at Sephora

Posted on: September 28, 2008

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When she’s not working out and building her resume Kim Kardashian can be found shopping at her favorite hot spots!  Yesterday the Dancing With The Stars contestant was spotted picking up some make up at the popular Sephora shop at The Grove in Hollywood, California.

Kim recently say down the TV Guide to talk about how she got selected for this season’s DWTS competition.

Well I met with them, probably about a year and a half ago when they were doing Season 5. They have their list of people that want to do it. At first my mom was a little bit more for it. I was a little bit hesitant just because I had never danced before. I would think that people would probably think I had some sort of dance background, but in all honesty I’ve never had any. So, it’s more of an insecurity for me that I’ve never danced. It’s like acting, when you’ve never done something like that. You know? I know my first acting class was like torture.

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