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Heidi Klum Shopping with Leni

Posted on: October 1, 2008

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Heidi Klum is one busy mother and business woman but she hardly ever lets that interfere with her one on one time with her children.  Yesterday the “Project Runway” host was spotted doing a little mother-daughter shopping at The Grove in Los Angeles, California.

Previously it was announced that “Project Runway” was going to switch over to Lifetime but now the execs at NBC studios are saying this is not so.

Click on the link to see why…

A rep for NBC studios released this statement: “NBC Universal is pleased that the court granted our motion for a preliminary injunction against The Weinstein Company. The overwhelming evidence demonstrated that The Weinstein Company violated NBC Universal’s right of first refusal to future cycles of Project Runway. After hearing all of the evidence, the court issued an order prohibiting The Weinstein Company from taking the show or any spin-off to Lifetime.”

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