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Kendra Wilkinson Speaks Out About Breakup Rumors

Posted on: October 1, 2008

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Rumors have been surrounding “The Girls Next Door” for weeks now about dissention and breakups between Kendra Wilkinson and Hef and between Holly Maddison and Hef.  Now Hef’s #3 girlfriend is speaking out about the rumors.

“There are lot of changes going on… people are going through changes. There’s a lot of rumors about me moving on, Holly moving on, it’s really sad.

“I mean, it’s only sad because Hef has to deal with it, and Hef gets really emotional because he really loves us. He is definitely a softie, so it’s really sad seeing him go through this stuff.”

There have been rumors that Kendra has been hooking up with football star Hank Baskett, but Kendra denied any engagement ad said that Hef is not concerned about the relationship.

“He keeps it cool, and he has a lot of girlfriends around now to keep him happy.”

DO YOU THINK Kendra is going to last much longer?

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