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Brooke Hogan’s Troubled Love Life

Posted on: October 2, 2008

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Brooke Hogan was spotted attending the Bejeweled Swimwear show as part of Funkshion Fashion Week in Miami, Florida late last night at the Satri Hotel.

The young star has broken away from her family troubles and started over fresh with her own reality series titled “Brooke Knows Best” but there’s one trouble she can’t escape: that of relationships.

Follow the link to find out what Brooke said about her love life!

She told the media: “What love life? I’m not gay but I might as well be.  I’m the [woman] of the group.  We live a gay lifestyle.”

Brooke also said that she tries to distance herself from the media and it’s negativity.

“I never read tabloids, I never buy books or go on Perez Hilton and I never ever watch the news.  All news is bad. You never hear them say, ‘This dog gave birth to six puppies today.’ It’s always negative, like, ‘All these people got killed.’ I stay totally away from it.”

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