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Hugh Hefner Out with Holly and Kendra

Posted on: October 3, 2008

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Keeping break up rumors at bay, Hugh Hefner was spotted out with a bevy of beauties Thursday night.  Amongst the crowd were his two girlfriends Holly Maddison and Kendra Wilkison, both of whom have been facing rumors that the are ready to move on from their lifestyle at the Playboy mansion.  Kendra addressed those rumors saying….

“There are a lot of changes going on… people are going through changes. There’s a lot of rumors about me moving on, Holly moving on, it’s really sad.  I mean, it’s only sad because Hef has to deal with it, and Hef gets really emotional because he really loves us. He is definitely a softie, so it’s really sad seeing him go through this stuff.”

The girls and Hef were spotted with some Playboy hopefuls as they left the STK Restaurant after enjoying fine dinning and made their way over to the Foxtail nightclub in West Hollywood, California to round off the night of fun with some dancing.

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