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Christina Aguilera Shows Off Her Funky Style, Talks Britney

Posted on: October 5, 2008

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Showing off her funky side with a pair of checkered leggings (Lindsay Lohan would be proud) new young mum Christina Aguilera was spotted shopping it up in a Beverly Hills boutique earlier today (Sunday).

In a recent interview Christina said that she is not fan or working out (who is, right?!).  She said: “I am not a fan of working out whatsoever. I am building up my stamina as we speak,” she admits. “It’s been a while since I have put on such a long show and since having a baby.”

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Christina also said that she won’t keep the raunchiness out of her routine even despite the fact that she has to be a role model to her young son now.

‘It is important to show Max what mommy does. It is really important to me is that he is an individual and that’s why it is important for me to stay true to myself. If it happens to be raunchy so be it! It’s a matter of self expression to me.’

When asked if she’s been following her old rival’s comeback career, Christina said…

“Honestly, I haven’t. I’ve been so sort of in my own creative cave. But no, it’s a great feeling to still be in the game with somebody that you have known for so many years, even going back to the Mickey Mouse club. We had so much fun together.”

She added, “At this stage in our lives, we are so different I don’t think you can put us in the same ball park.”

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