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Kirsten Dunst: Fame Is Lonely

Posted on: October 5, 2008

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She’s been in and out of rehab all in the course of one year and now Kirsten Dunst spoke out to the media about her first break into the industry and her sexiness.

“I leave that to my publicist. Actually, my first cover was a book in the Babysitters Club series, Claudia Gets a Phantom Phone Call.”

“I was a child model slash actress and I did it strictly for the money. My first magazine cover was with Tom Cruise in a photo that looked like he was getting ready to suck my blood. That was when I played Claudia in Interview With the Vampire.”

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A lot of women, including actress Eva Mendes, thinks that women should show more skin but Dunst on the other hand thinks that showing less is a lot more sensual and sexy then baring it all at once.

“All the fuss was weird because I’m very comfortable with my own body,” she confesses. “But I began to realize that kids look up to me and I have to think of this role model thing. I started wondering if I’ve been too sexy. Sometimes I think it’s sexier not to show too much. It’s like, ‘What’s the point?’ “

Kirsten also admitted that fame has a lonely side.

“Being famous can be isolating,” she says. “I was 11 when I started acting, and I’ve always been surrounded by adults and people I’m trying to please. It can make you feel very lonely. You’re constantly wondering if people are using you.”

Another famous actor once told Kirsten to stick to acting and stay away from the bright Hollywood lights.  I guess that didn’t work so well!

“The one thing every actor has told me is, ‘Always keep your head on straight and never stop being the person you really are.’ As soon as you start getting wrapped up in the celebrity side of the business, which has nothing to do with acting, that’s when you can lose it,” she recalls. “I remember James Wood telling me, ‘Do small movies.’ But I took that with a grain of salt because he said it while he was in that Oliver Stone football epic Any Given Sunday.”

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