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Kristin Bell’s Character on “Heroes” Due for an Overhaul

Posted on: October 5, 2008

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“Heroes” actress Kirstin Bell was spotted arriving at the LAX airport with a female friend over the weekend on Saturday after landing just a few minutes earlier.

The actress who has a minor role in “Heroes” is due for a character overhaul from the writers of “Heroes”.

“They’re showing more of her human side,” Bell said. “She’s this vaguely barbaric, unfeeling, antisocial adaptive killer who’s coy. However, she’s had some tough decisions to make [over the years, and the writers are] giving her more depth. There are flashback scenes showing that she’s intricately woven into people’s lives before you met her. She met a lot of [the characters] before she was introduced on the show.”

Before the writer’s strike (earlier this year) the second season of “Heroes” looked like it was doomed for a dead end, but now that there was an unwanted but surprisingly helpful break in between the season (due to the writer’s strike) “Heroes” has made a full comeback and has gained more fans then ever – including Bell!

“I actually like where [the writers have] taken the whole story line this year for everybody, including Elle,” Bell said in an interview.

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