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Selena Gomez is a Princess in Protection

Posted on: October 5, 2008

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Ever since rising to fame in her own Disney television series Selena Gomez has been a paparazzi magnet.  The young star was trying to fly under the radar as she and a female friend left Selena’s home in Los Angeles, California earlier today (Sunday).

Now Selena is set to work on another movie titled Princess Protection Program due out in January of 2009.

Click on the link to find out what the movie is about!

When an evil dictator threatens to take over the kingdom, Princess Rosalinda gets put into the Princess Protection Program. She is taken under the wing of Mason, an agent from the agency, and his daughter, Carter, who works after school at a a nearby lock bait shop . Rosalinda goes undercover as a regular teen named, Rosie with the help of Carter. In turn, Rosalinda helps Carter overcome insecurities with herself and her crush on Donny.

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