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Holly Madison Holding Up After Breakup

Posted on: October 15, 2008

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She’s holding up ever since her break up with Hugh Hefner and Tuesday night Holly Madison headed over to LA’s fashion week to check out the Lauren Conrad Spring 2009 runway debut in Los Angeles, California.

Holly already has in mind what she wants in a future mate saying, “I like dark hair, I just like guys who are fun and nice,” she said. “I like all the good stuff, guys who are hot, fun, nice and smart.”

Some sources pointed to the unwillingness of Hef to give Holly a baby (and perhaps the inability) as the key to their break-up, but Holly revealed that she doesn’t want babies just yet.  “Someday in the future I want to have kids, but I am way too busy right now I have a lot of things to do next year and none of them involve being a fat pregnant lady.”

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As for “The Girls Next Door” which star Kendra Wilkinson and Bridget Marquardt (Hef’s other two girlfriends) as well as Holly Madison, Miss Madison revealed that she’ll still be a part of the show but will focuse more on the girls as friends instead of their life in the mansion since Holly will be moving out.

“We haven’t started shooting [season 6] yet but I think it’s just going to follow me and Bridget and Kendra wherever we go whatever we do,” she said. “We’ll always be close to Hef. We’ll always be part of his life, it will just keep following us on our adventures.”

She has plans to move out but right now Holly said that things are too busy for her to do it all by herself.

“Nobody can pack for me. Nobody knows what I need to keep what goes into storage, I have to do it myself so, I am hanging out tonight, I am having fun tonight.”


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