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Heidi Klum Fears For Project Runway

Posted on: October 20, 2008

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She’s been enjoying her down time as of late and Saturday afternoon German super model Heidi Klum was spotted at the Coldwater Canyon Park in California to spend some time with her children.

Bravo and Lifetime television networks are still battling over Heidi’s hit designer fashion reality show “Project Runway” and now the Victoria’s Secret model is talking about her fears for the show.

“I just hope that we air. We had such a great sixth season. Friday was actually the last day, we’ve shot everything already. So, I really just hope that we get aired. Otherwise, people would not see the amazing talent that is on the show.”

“I just hope that they (Bravo and Lifetime) figure out this whole drama that they have going on and that we get [the sixth season] aired,” Heidi added, repeating her desire to make sure the over 5 million viewers from last season get to keep watching the hit fashion show.

It would really stink to invest all that money another season and never have it aired.  I hope things work out!

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