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Dita Von Teese at Catherine Malandrino Maison Store Opening

Posted on: October 21, 2008

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Dita Von Teese loves to dabble in fashion and last night the burlesque dancer was spotted attending the Catherine Malandrino Maison store opening in Los Angeles, California.

Dita revealed to the press that she is fully stocked up on the feminine items that keep the boys happy.

“I have trunks full of lingerie. I have a whole room that is solely for my lingerie. I have three vintage Armoires full of vintage lingerie and then I have things in storage and a corset box too.”

But when it comes to actually talking with the boys, Dita says that’s when the problems start to arise!

“I don’t claim to be a good judge of character in relationships. I get so nervous when I’m attracted to someone that I can’t talk. I’m so scared of rejection – I’m not good around boys.”

For some reason I never picture Dita as the shy type.  You?

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