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Priscilla Presley Talks About Daughter’s Birth To Twins

Posted on: October 21, 2008

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She’s the living daughter of legend Elivs Presley ans October 7th Lisa Marie Presley continued on the family lineage with the birth of her twin girls named Finley and Harper with husband Michael Lockwood.

New Grandmother Priscilla Presley is over joyed with the new additions to their happy family.  “My daughter just had twins, so that’s a dream come true,” Priscilla told People magazine.

“We are just thrilled,” Presley said at the 7th Annual First Ladies for the grant-wishing organization, for which she is an ambassador. “It’s been a real delight entering into the room and seeing these two little babies – it’s been pretty terrific.”

Priscilla only has good things to say about her son-in-law Michale Lockwood who is a first time dad.

“Father’s a little nervous,” Presley said of her son-in-law. “He’s a first-time dad, so it’s the most beautiful thing to watch the way he holds and carries the babies. It’s so endearing to watch how delicate he is.”

It’s so great to see how happy everyone is!

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