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Solange Knowles Launches Album in Madrid

Posted on: October 21, 2008

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She may be the younger sister of Beyonce but earlier today (Tuesday) Solange Knowles was a star all on her on as she arrived at The Chivas Studios in Madrid, Spain to launch her new album “Sol-Ange and the Hadley St. Dreams”.

A while back Solange decided to take a little break from the limelight as she stepped back to focus on her songwriting career which included penning some songs for big sister Beyonce and her group Destiny’s Child.

“I got very compassionate about my son and writing for other artists,” Solange told the BoomBox. “[It] wasn’t really a musical hiatus because I was writing for Destiny’s Child and [Beyonce], so it wasn’t completely a musical hiatus, but it did take the time away from doing my own record.”

During her break from the industry Solange expierenced giving birth, the start of a marriage, and the end of a marriage.  This proved to mature her and give her a sound unique to the industry.

“Well when you’re fifteen you don’t have much to talk about, but I have a lot more substance to sing about and more stories to tell,” Solange explained

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