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Lauren Conrad Visits Brentwood, Talks Book Series

Posted on: October 22, 2008

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She’s usually a girl we see at night in the clubs but earlier this morning Lauren Conrad was spotted leaving a friend’s house in Brentwood, California on Wednesday.

Lauren recently landed a three part book deal with Harper Collins publishing house that is loosely based on her life as a reality star living in LA.

Talking about her book release, due out the summer or 2009, Lauren told MTV: “I think because I have a reality show, they have low expectations. These aren’t meant to be very serious books. They’re very fun. They’re a light read, so hopefully people will just enjoy them.”

Lauren said that she’ll be focusing on either dating or fashion for the series.  Her life that isn’t on camera is the main inspiration.

“We threw around a few ideas, possibly on dating or fashion. But I love writing stories, so we came up with this idea of loosely basing it on my story, but with completely different people, just kind of the same situation. We can have fun with it, ‘cause we spent five years on camera, and there was an entirely different story off camera, not being told,. It’ll focus on that side of it.”

WILL YOU BUY Lauren’s books?

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