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Jennifer Aniston Takes Back John Mayer Only If…

Posted on: October 23, 2008

Jennifer Aniston broke things off with John Mayer a little while back but now she’s reconsidered under one condition: John won’t keep talking to the media about their relationship.

Jen is fanatical about keeping her relationships private,” an insider tells OK!, adding that the former Friends star was “horrified” when John spoke publicly to OK! on a New York City street about their August breakup.

Apparently Jen was really upset that Mayer took to his blog, read by thousands of viewers across America daily.

“She told him she wanted to get back together, too, but no more street-corner press conferences and blogging about her,” a Jen insider says. Desperate, John agreed.

I definitely didn’t think it was right of John to expose their whole relationship in a journal entry.  He wasn’t thinking about how it would affect Jennifer.  Even if things end badly he should act his age (be an adult) and not at spitefully.


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i love to se the back. they are soo cute together. do not lisen to the haters . good luck

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