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Kim Kardashian Spent Birthday in Hospital

Posted on: October 23, 2008

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Kim Kardashian was seen stocking up on cosmetics at the MAC store in Beverly Hills, California earlier today (Thursday).  Earlier this week Kim spent her birthday in the hospital with her boyfriend Reggie Bush who underwent knee surgery for a sport related injury when playing football.  But not to worry, Kim reassured her fans that Reggie is doing fine: “He is recovering great and will be back on the field soon.”

Kim said that she has been flying all over the country to visit specialists to get her man back on the road to recovery! “I’ve had a long week with Reggie in the hospital and you have no idea how much your birthday wishes really made my birthday!!! I appreciate you all so much, so please understand it has been a long past few days… Reggie and I have had to fly to Alabama and to New Orleans and have made multiple doctors’ appointments!”

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