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Vanessa Hudgens: Ready For HSM Premiere

Posted on: October 23, 2008

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Tomorrow is the big premiere of the third HSM and earlier today Vanessa Hudgens was spotted being picked up my a limo on her way to a business meeting at Warner Bros.

When asked if she wants to get out of the Disney mold, Vanessa said: “I am looking for things I can grow with. I’m not looking to separate myself from Gabriella because she is an amazing role model—it’s always nice to play the smart girl. But I do want to play different roles. My new movie, ‘Bandslam’ which comes out in July, is a bit more rock’n’roll. I get to play this character who is a lot darker.”

Stardom has been fast and furious for Vanessa who commented, “It’s been crazy. Every time I go to a premiere I just get butterflies in my stomach because it’s such an extraordinary thing to be a part of. It seems no matter where we go, everyone is genuinely excited. In Spain, they would wait outside the garages and chase our cars as we left. But I still get a normal life. I’m not dressed up all the time, and I still go grocery shopping and everything.”

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