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Jessica Simpson: Business in NYC

Posted on: October 24, 2008

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Jessica Simpson is fresh from flight after landing in New York City and she was seen out on the streets of the Big Apple heading to a Baron Funds private event before attending to more work-related business afterwards.

Fellow country singer Carrie Underwood spoke out about the rumors of a fight between Jessica and herself over Carrie’s ex-boyfriend and Jessica’s current flame Tony Romo.

“I met her once and she seemed really nice so I don’t have a feud with anybody.  I think it’s great that country music just seems to be opening their arms to people that want to be a part of it [talking about Simpson’s switch from pop music to country].  They let me in when they didn’t have to and they’re doing the same thing for a lot of other people.”

Carrie and Jess don’t seem to be the type of girls to have a spat over a boy.  Good thing to know there’s nothing to worry about!

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