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Hulk Hogan Talks About Linday

Posted on: October 27, 2008

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It seems like all the Hogan family can do these days is make more headlines.   It’s really sad to see a family fall apart in the media.  It seemed like Teri Boella and his ex-wife Linda Boella really had something there for a while.

Teri recently sat down for an interview with Michale Yo! on the Daily 10 and said that he never wanted his marriage to end like this.

“You know when she finally decided she wanted to file for divorce I begged her not to because brother, when I put my hand on the Bible and I said for better or for worse, til death do us part I was one of these guys who thought I was going to be together forever. Hey I screwed up. I made mistakes you know, but I’ll sit there and tell you I did something. If I did something I’ll say I did it.

When I get this call that my wife wants a divorce I felt like a mule getting kicked by a horse. But I regrouped, got through it, started thinking positively and it was tough. I had some moments when I was like, ‘Oh my God. Am I gonna jump? Am I gonna make it?’ But you know what brother? I readjusted my thinking and I put my faith, I put God first and it’s all alright already. It’s all gonna be OK.”

Ever since their separation Linda has been dating a 19 year old boy who also happens to be a classmate and peer to Teri and Linda’s children Brooke and Nick.  Teri admitted that he had a tough time explaining their mother’s antics.

“I’m not here to throw stones, but I’m seeing a girl right now. Jennifer who’s 35 and I’m 55 bro. She came into my life when I needed somebody to help me. Yesterday somebody showed me a picture of Linda coming through LAX and Charlie – Linda’s 50 and Charlie’s 19 – he’s got a skateboard under his arm. And it kind of made my creep meter go up a little higher.

My hardest thing has been trying to explain this to my kids. I’ve said ‘guys your mother, the Linda that I know, loves you unconditionally. She’s a great person. She’s doing what she needs to do to get through this period of time. And sometime you have to love people from a distance if you don’t condone or believe in the way they are living their life.’ Linda living with and being in love with, and the guy is in the house he grew up in, and he went to school with you, and he’s one of your classmates — that’s a tough one. I have a hard time explaining that one.”

There has been some speculation that the Hogan reality show is what pushed this family over the edge.  When asked if he would do the reality show knowing what he knows now, he answered:

Click on the link to read what Teri said….

“Yes. There were problems in the relationship before the show came on and it just really made me realize — and now I know who everybody is. You know I look at Linda now and I know who she really is now. Before I didn’t know who she really was. I made a lot of mistakes, but at least I’ll be honest and tell ya that I did it.”

When asked if he could ever since himself getting back together with Linda, the Hulk responded:

“The old Linda. The old Linda that I love to death and that person that I thought I knew. I could see myself going through any situation and getting back with her, but at this point in time now I could never see us getting back together. I love Linda unconditionally, but the person she’s become I don’t know anymore.”

Honestly I hope they can get back together.  They fell in love before Teri Boella became The Hulk Hogan.  I hope they can go back to that romance.

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