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Kim Kardashian Is A Wii Gamer!

Posted on: October 27, 2008

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Kim Kardashian was all business while out running around in New York City earlier today (Monday).  She’s been busy taking care of her injured boyfriend Reggie Bush inbetween celebrating her birthday weekend.

And apparently Kim has picked up another hobby: playing Wii!  Kim wrote in her blog, “I have found the most amazing at-home fitness program ever… The new Nintendo Wii Fit! Have you ever tried it? It is so much fun! I’m hooked!”

Apparently it was Kim’s sister Khloe Kardashian who sparked the interest.  “I got WAY more into gaming after Khloe went to the GameSpot “At The Spot Party.” She talked about how much fun she had playing the Wii. I just had to try it myself!” Kim along with her younger sister Kendall “tried yoga and strength training exercises”.

I haven’t tried the Wii work out program but it’s such a great idea to get gamers to finally enjoy working out and get up off their butts!

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