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Vanessa: Fake Bake Beauty

Posted on: November 1, 2008

Feeling it’s important to stay sun kissed in winter Vanessa Minnillo was spotted heading into a Beverly Hills tanning salon for a session of fake bake on Friday afternoon.

Reports are coming in that Vanessa and her relationship with boyfriend Nick Lachey is having some troubles.  While out to dinner about two weeks ago a witness described the pair as “extremely tense and irritated with each other”.

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“They were having some sort of verbal tiff at their table, and they looked miffed” during dinner at the Cheesecake factory.

“They looked dour when they sat down, annoyed over dinner and still upset by the time they left the restaurant at the end of their meal. It may have been a minor squabble, but they looked like they’d rather be anywhere but with each other.”

Despite a confirmation that this couple is going strong these rumors seem to keep on coming back.  Do you think they have any substance to them?

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