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Lauren Conrad Promotes Clothing Line in Atlanta

Posted on: November 2, 2008

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After celebrating Halloween the night before at the STK restaurant Lauren Conrad was seen in Atlanta, Georgia promoting her clothing line at Opera.  The show is just one of the many stops along the rode of Lauren’s “The Lauren Conrad Collection College Tour” to promote her clothing line.

The idea to hit the road came when LC’s line was droped by the trendy boutique Kitson after she failed to promote the line and do personal appearances.  Kitson’s owner Fraser Ross said he would consider picking up the line once again as long as Lauren committs to promote the line.

He said. “At least she’s learning. It’s (the college tour) a great move. And if she ever wants to come back to us, saying, ‘Look, I made a mistake, let’s do a relaunch with a personal appearance,’ we would absolutely pick it up again.”

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