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Lindsay Lohan Encourages Americans To Vote

Posted on: November 4, 2008

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Wearing a white top cinched in at the waist with a skinny black belt Lindsay Lohan clinged to a beverage filled cup while leaving a Prada Express event last night in Hollywood, California.

Lindsay took to her blog on myspace last night (Monday, November 3) to tell Americans how important is it to vote.

“Sorry I haven’t blogged in a minute.  I’ve been traveling and trying to catch up on sleep! I thought it was important to just put a message out there tonight for anyone that is on MySpace at the moment.”

“So, here goes.. I cannot say how important it is for everyone to get out there and vote tomorrow… The future of our country depends on it.  Just one vote can make such a difference… Vote – because your thoughts are worth it..VOTE – because YOU can make this country a better place… VOTE – because you can.”

Now get out there and vote!

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