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Angelina Jolie Wants More Babies at the Kung Fu Panda DVD Release Party

Posted on: November 9, 2008

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Angelina Jolie showed of her sexy legs just shortly after giving birth to twins earlier this year at DreamWorks Animation’s “Kung Fu Panda” and “Secrets of the Furious Five” co-DVD release party at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Los Angeles earlier today (Sunday).

Reportedly a friend of Jolie’s said that the actress credited playing video games to whipping her body back into shape.  The source said, “The kids were convincing her that video games were more than just fun.  They explained to her you can do anything from practice math to learn to read music and exercise.”

The source continued, “She tries to get in an hour of Pilates three times a week,” the source adds. “She’s picking it up pretty quickly and is already at the hardest setting!”

Keep reading to find out what Anglina has to say about the twins!

“They’re great. They’re still so little, but they do [have their own personalities],” Jolie told reporters at the DVD launch for Kung Fu Panda and the premiere of its companion adventure story, Secrets of the Furious Five in Hollywood on Sunday.

Knox and Vivienne are “starting to get very smiley,” their proud mom said. “They’re at that [stage] where their personality really starts to shine.”

Angelina also revealed a perk to doing “Kung Fu Panda” – her kids absolutely LOVED it!

“I think it’s a great film, and it’s brought a lot of joy to children – and to my children, absolutely,” Jolie told PEOPLE at the event. “My kids love it. They’re very very proud, they’ve got mom [Tigress] dolls.”

Angelina also commented on the amount of press and money this film has managed to snag.

“We are so privileged in everything we get to do in this business, and the amount of money this film has made. To be able to share that and do some good always feels good.”

As far as her partner Brad Pitt is concerned, Angelina doesn’t worry a bit when it comes to his parenting skills!

“He’s the best daddy and we have fun, so whenever it gets hard we can just look at each other and find a way to laugh about and just appreciate that they’re only little once, and we should enjoy every minute.”

Angie also revealed that Brad and she are already wanting more children to add to their growing collection (aka “family”).

“Anything could happen,” she said. “We’re open to anything, we love kids and we’re having a great time… It’s chaos in our house, but it’s so much fun. We’ll definitely have more.”

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