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Sienna Miller Single and Broke

Posted on: November 9, 2008

British bad girl Sienna Miller got herself in some trouble when she started dating a married man Balthazar Getty but she recently commented to the press that she is single!

“I’m single at the moment, and I’m completely happy with that. It’s nice not to have a relationship that the press constantly want to scrutinize and discuss. I’m cool with being on my own.”

But apparently being single isn’t enough since the actress was recently dropped from the film Sherlock Holmes.  Repotedly the reason was when he ex-boyfriend Jude Law got signed on for the role of Dr Watson.  He put his foot down and refused to work with Miller which resulted in her letting go.  But now sources are saying that Sienna really neeeded this job due to the money factor which is quickly ecoming a big issue for Sienna.

“Losing Sherlock Holmes has been another major setback for her. Sienna’s not half as well off as people assume. ‘Money is becoming a bit of an issue and she has just signed a big modeling deal to pay the bills, even though she’d much rather be acting.”

I guess you gotta do what you gotta do when ti comes to paying the bills!  Perhaps if she didn’t live as extravagantly she would be better of by now.!


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