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Sienna Miller Back With Balthazar Getty?

Posted on: November 28, 2008

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Sienna Miller was spotted out with her former boyfriend Balthazar Getty late last night at the Groucho private members club last evening in New York City.

The couple got together while Getty was still married and living at home with his wife but a source said that he realized what he did with Sienna and decided to go back to his wife.

“Sienna is only 26 and loves to go out. At first Balthazar was excited by her beauty but eventually realized he should be back with his wife, and that Sienna represented a phase from another point in his life.”

Earlier yesterday morning Sienna and Balthazar were spotted walking her dog laughing and talking like they were having a good time.  An eyewitness reported, “We drove past them and they looked very together.  Sienna looked really pretty and so happy.”

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