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Brooke Shopping in Miami

Posted on: December 6, 2008


When a girl has troubles it’s best to go shopping (unless you have financial troubles).  And that is exactly what reality television star Brooke Hogan does best!

The young starlet was seen shopping it up in Miami on Friday with a female friend stopping in a cute shoe store.  In other news Brooke’s mom Linda Hogan is working on getting some money from her divorce with ex-husband Terry Hogan.

Linda’s publicist Gary Smith told the media: “It is all relative. That is what people don’t understand. You can’t compare what Linda gets to your own income of $50K a year, you have to compare it to Hulk’s onetime income of $12 to $16 million a year and the lifestyle that comes with it. That puts it into perspective.”

I personally think what Linda is doing to Terry is not a good thing.  She seemed to be a bit overbearing and unloving towards him on their reality show.  They were together for SO long I just don’t see why they can’t be together now.  But then again who really knows.

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