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Charlize Theron Named UN Ambassador of Peace

Posted on: December 6, 2008

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Looking cute and comfy in a grey sweater and black leggings actress Charlize Theron was spotted running a few errands around Santa Monica, California on Friday morning.  First stop was to grab some groceries at a local food store before heading out on her way and back home to unpack.

In other news Charlize was just recently named the UN Ambassador of Peace for her  “voice, compassion and special relationship with the public to create a better world.”

The South African actress has worked to improve the lives of impoverished women and children, especially those with HIV/AIDS, in her homeland through her foundation, the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project. She has also spoken out against sexual violence against women.

Charlize says she plans to change people’s lives by one at a time starting with better education.

“It starts with entering one rural community, one school at a time, and giving them the tools, the education, the understanding that raping a virgin does not cure HIV, that you cannot wash a condom and use it twice – these are things we take for granted in our everyday lives. When you are dealing with a country, especially in the rural parts of Africa, you cannot take anything for granted,” said Theron.

Theron joins stars like George Clooney and Michael Douglas in the effort to bring peace to the world.

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