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Gwen Stefani is Gavin’s Backup Singer

Posted on: December 6, 2008

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Looking great with a kid in one arm and a nanny besider, rock star Gwen Stefani was spotted having a little alone time with her sons Zuma and Kingston earlier this week while at a local park in Los Angeles, California.

Earlier that night Gwen took the boys to a nearby pharmacy to pick up some medication before heading to the park.  In other news Gwen’s husband Gavin Rossdale recorded a song “Some Days” for his new album Stardust with Gwen.  He apparently thought it would be “cool” to have his wife sing along but she’s bothered he put the song on the album.

He said, “She told me she had an idea and offered to sing, which turned out great.”

That’s so sweet that they recorded a song together 🙂

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